Mobile VoIP: Introduction and Benefits



Nowadays, it seems impossible for everyone to survive or go anywhere without carrying their mobile phones with them. Mobile Phones have become a very part of our lives in a very short duration of time. Whether it’s a workplace or any other, mobile phones extend and groom up the person’s overall personality. 


Smart Phones and Work Phones


There are a lot of purposes, we use our smart phones like to make calls, to receive calls, read and answer emails, receive important text messages and above all can stay connected to our loved ones. Till now, Business phone extensions were used to separate from the work desk. So, in order to make the calls, one has to wait a lot of time and all this is used to decrease the efficiency of that particular person.

All the productivity and time was saved by the introduction of mobile phones in our lives. Now, both the work desk phone and the cell phone will serve their separate as well as a unique purposes. With this, one can carry an internet connection in their phone anywhere and even don’t have to look for the available internet connection as well. This helped the world in connecting with their friends, family, and relatives. 


However, the work phones help in displaying the identity of the company while making any work-related calls. This is the only phone which also helps in making an extension to extension dialing within the workplace itself. With the ever evolving technology, it has been noticed that the fully integrated mobile phones are replacing work phones in the form of mobile VoIP. 


Some of the limitations of the business voip are as follows- 

  1. Do not place the call in just one second as the work phone extension can.
  2. Will not display the identity of the company until and unless the no. of the company is saved on the other side. 
  3. Does not have the feature of performing extension to extension dialing.


Below listed are the features as well as benefits of the mobile VoIP- 

  1. One can receive or make calls even without decreasing the minutes on the mobile. 
  2. It helps display the identity of the company but only while making outbound calls.
  3. Helps in making or receiving calls via Wi-Fi or through a 3G/4G network.
  4. Extension to extension dialing is supported but takes time in placing the calls.


Concluding, it can be said that mobile VoIP acts as a great solution for all the team members as well as executives who are mainly traveling for work, client meetings, etc. This all reduces the hassle of a person in finding the appropriate internet or hotspot connection anywhere anytime. 


One can also stay connected to his/her loved ones with this ever growing technology. There will be no loop left as well with the help of virtual extension and so no important work will be left undone. This technology has acted as a blessing in everyone’s life.